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Veteran's story 'Lonesome Soldier' to play at military installations starting in December

November 22, 20236:30 am

I thought about how I wanted to describe "Lonesome Soldier" as I watched it. I thought over adjectives such as cliche, trite, and repetitive but I had to ask myself why this film was making me so irritable. It wasn't because it was cliche but rather because it was true.

The film bills itself as being "based on a true story" although it isn't clear whose story that is. It doesn't really matter because at least in the veteran community we have all lived this story or been adjacent to it. Veterans struggling with drug addiction and suicidal ideation, or children being raised by grandparents while parents struggle with fentanyl abuse is not the work of science fiction but rather a story that plays out every day across the entire country.

"Lonesome Soldier" is a small independently produced film about Jackson Harlow, a young man from a small town without many opportunities. He joins the National Guard to support his young family. While in the military, he meets people who come from different backgrounds and becomes closer to them than some of the losers he grew up with. Getting deployed to Iraq he experiences war and death, then comes home to find his wife addicted to drugs while he struggles with his own post-traumatic stress issues.

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