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Lonesome Soldier movie review



One of my sons is in the military, so this kind of movie really hits my heart hard. It’s about a soldier who returns home from the Iraq War and struggles to adjust to civilian life due to PTSD. It’s based on a true story but could easily represent many soldiers’ tumultuous stories. In fact, several cast members are veterans. From a grateful nation, thank you for your service to our country.

The dramatic film was directed by Nino Aldi. Writing credits go to Lionel Chetwynd and Alexander Randazzo.


  • I had never seen Alexander Randazzo in anything before. I’m a new fan. He helped write and produce the movie, in addition to starring in it. He portrays several versions of his character: pre-war idealism, frightened soldier in Irag, drugged-out loser, recovering soldier, and hopeful man. He was believable in each role and did a good job. Congratulations to him.

  • There’s a really great speech at the 1 hour 23 minute mark. Every returning soldier should hear it.

  • I loved the illustration of a mother’s fierce love and loyalty to her son. That kind of love is extremely powerful. I hope my sons feel that from me too.

  • There are some realistic-looking action sequences with soldiers in Iraq that illustrate the powerful brotherhood in the military, as well as the heartwrenching moments that haunt them for the rest of their lives.

  • The movie does a great job showing the heavy toll that soldiers’ families experience. Watching what my son and his wife have gone through during his military service, I can tell you the families of soldiers sacrifice a lot too, and deserve our utmost respect and support.

  • Every scene shows raw, honest emotion and will hit you in the gut.

  • It’s so frustrating that the military trains our soldiers to be so tough that when they return home, they reject all of the services they need to make good choices in their new lives.

  • Out of all movie themes, HOPE is my favorite. This film displays it well.

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