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Lonesome Soldier film earns top reviews and highlights PTSD ahead of Veterans Day

November 07, 2023 03:47 PM

Independent film Lonesome Soldier is drawing high praise in reviews as it seeks to raise awareness of military service members’ experiences with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Lonesome Soldier, which is based on a true story, details how a young man’s life is dramatically changed after joining the National Guard. The film explores the harsh realities of war and the impact they can have on veterans’ mental health, including veteran suicide.

Released ahead of Veterans Day, the film’s co-writer and producer Alexander Randazzo said he desires greater attention be given to the needs of servicemen and servicewomen.

“I come from a military family and really connected with the story,” Randazzo said in a statement to the Washington Examiner. “We believe the military community is underrepresented as far as contemporary entertainment media.”

Randazzo said he desires that veterans dealing with PTSD and their loved ones will see Lonesome Soldier and find “hope for the future.”

“This film is about saving as many lives as possible,” Randazzo told WRAL.

Since its release on Nov. 3, Lonesome Soldier has earned a 100% audience score from the Rotten Tomatoes film review site. A Film Threat critic also praised the film’s cinematography, noting the cast had “great screen appeal.”

Other reviews praised the film’s story, with one review noting how it showed the difficulty soldiers face when they return home from war: “Our nation is so divided now — perhaps if we all understand and think about those that serve and what they endure, we can grow closer together as a nation. I high recommend the film to everyone!”

"Lonesome Soldier delves deep into the harrowing struggle of a soldier returning from war, grappling with the invisible wounds of PTSD,” another review wrote. “The film meticulously portrays the challenges of reintegration into civilian life, showcasing the emotional turmoil and the strained relationships that often accompany this journey. It's a raw and authentic portrayal of post-war life, shedding light on the resilience required to overcome the scars of combat. The performance captures the complexities of PTSD, making this film a powerful and empathetic exploration of a soldier's battle beyond the battlefield. A compelling, must-watch narrative of strength and healing.”

The film will show in theaters through Thanksgiving week.

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